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Consumer Complaints

As you read all these pleas for help from people who have been scammed by the banking industry, understand this:  THE BANKING INDUSTRY HAS NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER IN HELPING ANYONE.  OUR GOVERNMENT IS OBLIVIOUS AND IN BED WITH THE INDUSTRY. 


ALSO VISIT eMoneyCentral to check out the slew of consumer complaints there against ONEWEST scumbag bank.

Denise Deanne Writes (Feb. 21, 2011)
I dealt with Indy Mac Bank, One West Bank and Deutsche Bank- Before my foreclosure my house was being broken in to and locks changed because they felt like it. The papers and assignments were not legal or valid, I believe that the banks double dipped by pretending to auction the house (Indy Mac Bank- they bought it and collected the 80% loss from the FDIC on ainflated mortgage amt, assigned the same house to Deutsche who sold it for 45k and asked the FDIC for their 80% loss on the same inflated mortgage. Not one of these lenders could prove they had any legal right to this mortgage and the florida courts gave it to them any way. The entire process and signatures were faulty, Florida Statues states that if a lender receives more than the original mortgage amount, the overage is paid back to the buyer. I have never, ever seen any lender distort and inflate a mortgage amount like I did with these lenders. Who is going to go after these lenders? I think no one, this was all part of the bigger picture they are not done yet.

Karen Wrties: (Dec. 3, 2010)---- NEEDS HELP IN FORMING A PROTEST!

Lorrine Wrtites: (Nov. 29, 2010)
on august 7, 2009 there was a notice put on my door stating that my home was going to be sold at a public auction on august 21, 2009. i called the mortgage company (indy mac) and tried to work out a prepayment plan which they accepted and we agreed on an amount that i had to pay before august 19, 2009. i came up with the amount needed to stop foreclosure on august 17, 2009 and i was told that it was too late to make a payment unless i come up with $30,000 payment in full. my money was not accepted and my home was sold. i wasnt granted a notice in advance of sell, they ran no public notice in the paper, and they did no recording with the public recorder. i got a notice on my door and my home was sold from under me. i dont understand why my money was not accepted to stop foreclosure. my dream was taken from me. with a foreclosure on my credit report, i will never be able to purchase another home. i feel that my mortgage company scam my home from me. i am now paying rent that is much higher than my mortgage.....LR of moreno valley, california

Lori Writes: (Nov. 24, 2010)
Do you have any phone numbers of who to contact?  I have been in the process of a loan modification for over two years. Auction is finally next week and working hard to get a postponement. Any ideas?

Bob G Writes: (oct. 31, 2010)
The real fraud is the Share Loss Agreement that OneWest has with the US Government.  YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE (copy and paste to your address bar).  My house trustee sale will result in a $130,000 profit to OneWest at the Expense of YOU AND ME - our tax dollars.  THIS IS THE REAL TRAGEDY! ! ! !

Slvia e Sandova Writes:
(nov. 8, 2010)
I filed a lawsuit against Indymac/onewest in Santa monica court house.  They foreclose on my home in 04/27/08.  I am still in the home and they are trying to evict me now.    I ran out of money fighting them and I'm in BK at the moment but I do not want to give up any rights.  I would like to find atty probono or contingency agreement.  Thanks

Sorry Silvia -- we have yet to find an attorney with the BALLS TO TAKE ON THE BANKS!!

Kenneth Writes: (nov. 8, 2010)
we had fallen behind on payments and went up for modification and they kept giving us the run around...said it was in review then getting confliction stories from each different person i talked with, then sent more paperwork over and they were always loosing it...finally they gave us a date to be out we moved out, then gave us another chance and said we were approved so we started fixing the house up and making our monthly payments and then said we are no longer approved cause the house was was all just BS..we explained that we were fixing it up and thats why nobody was is it...but they did not care..INDYMAC/ONEWEST is a joke...been out of the house for about 7 months now and they still are sending the same stuff about modifying the loan...MAKE UP YOUR MIND...What kind of business is this place and where is the government????

Trulans Writes: (nov. 8, 2010)
HELP HELP -- How can Indymac foreclose on a home, after agreeing to do short sale, counter contract offer and promise approval with in 2 weeks?  I am a Realtor in DC metro area and I have been working on a short-sale for the past 4 months, only to be informed that indymac foreclose on the property.  Indymac  has been working on this deal with us, they counter buyer’s offer and promise us an approval letter within 10 days, then to inform us that home was foreclose and an outside investor purchase the loan.  My buyer conducted home inspection, transfer their kids to the local school and now I do not know what to tell them. What can I do to help this family?

Brian And jennifer Hens Write: (nov 9, 2010)
last court date set for nov 22nd our lawyer along with court seem to take everything the banks say as the word of God our story in short been in review fo 2 yrs finally offererd trial mod in december 2009 based on VERIFIED INCOME FULL DOCS they recieved and admited to recieving in oct 2009 started trail mad first payment and continued for 7 months was denied when they reran npv test denied for perm mod july was never offererd the ALT MOD its a very specific loan for fannie mae held loans of corse one west refuses to even admit this mod exsisit probably because we qualify for it have all my docs and have done lots of research they had to offer us that if we made all payments on time and were for whatever reason denied perm modification I have requests house value used in writing but they refuse to give those imputs they said we are 45% dti ration and offererd us a short sale deal still fighting they have not complied with hamp and NO ONE IS doing anything about it they set a sale date for feb 1st 2011 I`m almost defeated but will try to hold on with hopes they too have to abide by the laws

Patrick Duncan Writes: (nov. 9, 2010)
It is unfathomable to think that there are human beings on the planet with so, so much money.. billions and billions and yet still they want more, They want more so much that they they would take the very last dime of an elderly couple, or anyone for that matter. How could their minds have gotten so deeply deluded. The hungry ghost realm is apparently a realm where they are never satisfied, they can never get enough no matter how much they have. Even if they have more money than they could ever use in a zillion lifetimes, it is still not enough, They are living in an impossible world of spiritual and mental impoverishment. Although they walk away smug from having " robbed" and  for a moment they  are satisfied then they have to perform the same autrocities to another and another and another. It will never end for them until one day they face their own demise, and they will,  no matter how many billions they have amassed they then have to die and leave it all behind and that will be a hell for them. So I think all these poor, poor souls deserve our deepest pity. To me it is just heartbreaking that any human being could have become so lost and so deluded. Blessings to the elderly couple and all others to whom these hungry ghosts are feeding off of..may they find a beautiful abode somewhere far from the touch of the souless.

Anonymous Writes (nov. 16, 2010)
I want to tell you all a little story. The story begins, as all American dreams do, with unfettered hope and belief, but has, over time, become a nightmare from the darkest recesses of our national psyche. This is not a fairy tale, and I beg you to see yourself in our heroine; for you could find yourself in her shoes very soon. And I promise you that that is not a place you want to be. But read on, and judge the veracity of my words for yourself.

I have been in the mortgage industry for almost a decade, and have seen my share of the ugly side of lending: the foreclosures, the forgotten families, and the greedy, heartless, faceless “holder of the note” gone wild. I have experienced all of this more times than I care to admit, and have been ashamed of my industry more times than I care to count, but the borrower I wish to tell you of was the reason I broke into this business in the first place. People like her, hard-working, honest Americans, are the ones a broker like myself looks for day and night, and strives to take care of in whatever capacity we are capable of.

Why you ask? What makes her so special? There are many answers to these questions, and the easy answer would be that she perfectly fit the mold we in the business look for. She had been employed for 22 years with the same corporation, and had managed to pay every liability on time for her entire adult life. No late payments, no missed payments, and nothing at all to indicate that she would ever change. Her credit score was 780, and she had owned a home for 10 years in Miami Beach (an expensive place to buy). This showed unequivocally that she understood liability, and knew how to get things done in the lending market. In short, she was a lender’s dream come true. A loan you approve and forget about because the payments are always in on time, and so, as a lender, you just count money for 30 years. What could be better from our point of view than that? Every lender in the world will tell you the answer to that question is nothing; absolutely nothing.

This lady decided to move to Chicago to be closer to her corporate office, so she sold her home in Miami and took her dreams and possessions north to Chicago. This took place in 2006 while the housing bubble was still growing larger, and no one outside of the industry had any expectation that it may burst at any time. She did her due diligence while looking for a home in the Chicago area, and eventually settled on a brand new property in an area ripe for gentrification. Basically, she bought in an older neighborhood that was undergoing massive urban renewal projects that were projected to raise property values in her area significantly; as long as there was no unforeseen disaster looming. That is the danger of things unforeseen. They eventually come to pass, and no one is prepared to combat them.

She started with an Interest-Only Loan as at that time it made more sense to use her principal money on personal investments rather than giving it to a lender to make decisions with. Even though interest rates were high at the time, IO rates slightly higher than fixed, she was able to get the property for almost $75K less than it initially appraised for, so she was already ahead of the game. She maintained her perfect history, 0x30 on her mortgage, and everything else for that matter, but that was before the wise and powerful bankers in America decided to play 3-Card Monty with America’s future.

As the signs of the encroaching financial apocalypse began to show themselves, she attempted, through her lender, to pursue refinancing, but was told her case called for the loan modification process. The press was making a fuss about how these modifications were the way for borrowers to get the help they needed to stay afloat in the carnage that followed the bubble bursting, and as an intelligent and savvy borrower with a perfect history she expected the process to go smoothly for her. In that assumption, she would have been right if not for the new credit card laws passed that allowed the companies to raise their interest rates and reduce the line of credit available on any given card. These changes have had an enormous, unintended consequence in the lending world since loans are in large part based on debt-to-income (DTI) ratios.

Imagine this borrower has a credit line of $10K on a card with only a $2K balance, but is then targeted by the credit card company for a reduced credit line of say $2500, so her 20% balance has now become 80% without her actually doing anything irresponsible. Yet, when lenders looked at her DTI they would see that she is nearly maxed out on her card, and in this industry that is a major red flag. She understood DTI, and how it could affect her ability to qualify for extra money (even though she did nothing untoward or rash in terms of spending), but why should that hamper her from getting a reduced rate? It is asinine to ask a person to re-qualify for something they already have, or to tell them they must qualify to save money, but this is what is happening in America today. She signed no agreement stating she could not refinance in the future with the help of her lender, so all she is left with are questions. Questions that for her and the millions like her, unfortunately, have no good answers. The American Dream, for this model American, is quickly becoming the American Nightmare.

There are so many questions our borrower wants to ask, but there are no phone lines to call or government offices to visit with any answer other than, “talk to the lender”. This is just endless runaround from the lender, and more and more frustration for her and her family. How is it possible to be locked into a loan, with bankruptcy laws so much tougher, and have absolutely no way to refinance? More transparency in the industry is great, but how can our borrowers appease the credit companies interest hikes while losing equity in their property due to the housing catastrophe and still meet the necessary financial obligations they agreed to prior to this meltdown? This is a recipe for mass bankruptcy and foreclosure; two things that hurt us all in the long run.

It was March of 2009 when our borrower started the conversation about refinancing with her current mortgage company, Indy Mac, from the 7.625% IO-Loan to a 4.5% fixed rate. They explained to her that she would need to print out a new financial packet, and send it, along with all other pertinent information, in to be reviewed before they could proceed; she did just that. After an entire month had passed, she called in to check the status of her application, and was told that the servicing company, Indy Mac, was changing hands, but she would still be taken care of by the new investor, One West.
Just like that, she and thousands of other customers were being sold to the highest bidder, and after some research she discovered that One West actually only paid up to far less than full value for these notes. It gets better. One West actually had the federal government guarantee them anything lost over a certain percentage. What does this mean you ask? All the numbers are there in black and white on the internet for anyone to see; but no one looks. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that it would be more profitable to foreclose quickly and collect the guaranteed funds than to refinance the borrower’s note at a current market rate.

The changing of the servicer of her note, as unsettling as it was, would have been fine if not for the dramatic change in guidelines and customer service she experienced. This often happens after a change of this magnitude in any business field, but these differences were downright ridiculous. She was informed that the financial packet she had sent was no longer valid, so she would have to assemble another one before any process could begin. So, once again she followed procedure in hopes of capturing that elusive lower interest rate.

She waited and waited for a call to inform her of the status of her newest application, and finally tried calling herself to enquire; but to no avail. Her calls were treated as a joke. They repetitiously asked for the same documents, and even claimed after three business days that they had never received her fax, and that it took all that time to verify whether or not they had received her documentation. They have done this over 50 times from March of 2009 to the present day! That is preposterous, shameful, and ought to be criminal! But it gets better; or worse for our heroine.

After calling repeatedly for three months she finally got them to look at her application. They told our borrower that the check stubs submitted were out of date according to Fannie Mae guidelines (must be less than 90 days old), but when she remedied that they told our borrower that her check stubs were fraudulent. Check stubs from one of the three largest airlines in the world which she has worked with for more than 20 years by the way. They focused on some minutiae that they knew to be nothing, but she was forced to get a complete employment record from her employer to along with a Letter of Explanation (LOX) from her Human Resources department. This process has stretched into years with no results. She was even told that the best way to get help is to be late on her mortgage payments! Imagine that. It has become so bad that when she follows up on any fax or correspondence they claim she has never talked to anyone about her issue, and when she asked about recording the conversation she was told it was against their policy. I am not making this up. Every word is true and to the point, and the point is that One West and Indy Mac, Fannie Mae and the federal government are fleecing, and failing we the people.

This is dangerous and uncontrolled corporate behavior, and it cannot be allowed to continue. One West has become the poster child for what is wrong with this industry; what is wrong with America in fact. In my humble opinion (and that of thousands of other Americans…not to mention all the honest lenders in the industry), they have pulled out all the stops when it comes to delaying and deceiving their customers in order to get a government handout and make a dishonest buck. This must not be allowed to stand.

Help her. She has asked again and again, and researched every option. She can’t refinance due to not having value. She can’t modify because it’s not profitable to the lender to do so, and she can’t walk away as her state won’t allow this. Why I ask myself? Is it considered walking away if you have no more options? Why is it easier to profit from bad deals than good ones? There is no hope for this borrower that she can see. The only hope I can think of is a Federal Reserve for primary borrowers in America. By that, I mean the feds open the vaults to primary homeowners at a specific rate, and work directly with the borrowers from a federal standpoint. Cut the banks out. Let them focus on commercial deals and second homes where the rates are higher and people know what they are getting into from day one. I do not think these customers’ closing paperwork said anything about having to stay in one rate for thirty years. Do you know anyone on record in today’s environment that can say they stayed in their home for thirty years at the same rate? I don’t think that is even possible. Please share…

Here are some sites that clearly have people in the same situation, read, educate, follow and post, let’s start the revolt against One West/ Indy Mac and Fannie Mae.

Go to Google, You-tube or any engine for that matter and type class action Indy Mac, Type Complaints Indy Mac/ One West; you will see firsthand what we are all up against.

Watch Out for These Guys

Submitted On: 6/3/2009
Reported By: Rebecca
Location: Redondo Beach, California

I had a mortgage with Indymac bank and have paid on time. I did not have an impound account set up to pay the property taxes. I live in Los Angeles county and our property taxes are outrageously high but I have managed to pay them timely. However I got behind this year as a lot of homeowners in LA County. I called the Tax Assessor and worked out a payment plan and was told by the Assessor's office that 'don't worry about us trying to auction off your home, we don't do that unless you are way, way behind--like 5 years'.

Long story short, One west bank took over Indy mac and re-did my loan. They took it upon theirselves to pay the outstanding tax bill, tack it onto my loan and increase my monthly payment from $2200 a month to $4400 saying that my escrow account was in the negative by $11,000!!!! My taxes were only $3700 WTF???

I called One West Bank--no help at all. I can't get past the main customer Service unit and had to deal with a condscending rep. who was immediately hostile.

This doesn't sound legal at all. They are saying that my escrow account has a deficiet of $11,000 when I NEVER had an escrow account with this mortgage. They seem to be basing the deficiet going back to the inception of the loan.

redondo beach, California

Loan Modifcation That Never Happens: (july 25, 2010)
We have been waiting to modify our apartment loan since January.  Sent all the documents, only to find out on Friday that they will not modify & will proceed with foreclosure.  We have invested 1.5million dollars of hard earned money.  The property is appriased at $2.4m & the loan on property is 3.5M.  We have read since the FDIC will pay them 80% of the loan amount, then when they take property back they can sell for more $$
How can we stop this from happening?
Thank you
the carpenters

Carol Comments:
In 2008 Indymac gave me a loan modification and then when One West took over they revoked my loan mod and put me in foreclosure. I have been fighting my foreclosure for 2 years now and have applied for a new loan mod 5 different times and was denied each time because "the owner of my loan does no participate in the HAMP program". So my thought was if One West is not the "Owner" of my loan how are they able to foreclose?

I have also received a letter from One West that states that the owner of my loan is Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Yet the courts are still granting them foreclosure even though I have submitted proof that they don't "Own" my note.  I had a loan audit done that proved TILA violations and granted me an extended right of rescission. I executed my rescission and filed a counter suite and yet they are still continuing with the foreclosure.

Everything that I am doing is not stopping them from taking my home! I have been ready, willing and able to pay my mortgage over the past 2 years and have not been given the chance to do so.

I have created a website where I am providing education and resources regarding One West in an effort to help homeowners fight back. I am not sure if any of this info will be an asset to you as it seems you are trying to be an advocate as well. I am having no success stopping One West from stealing my home of 12 years but maybe together we can help save someone's home in the future.

Lisa Comments: (sept. 24, 2010)
Yes, we fell into the blackhole of lost income and was unable to pay mortgage. We have been blessed in the sense that we have been in the home for over 2 years without paying, BUT I feel that is mainly because OneWest was overwhelmed. My husband FINALLY started bringing in income this year, filled out HAMP(we were also working through ACORN). Onewest through Acorn startedasking asinine questions, like 'how is your income dramitically different from last year'? How ignorant is that! We CAN NOW AFFORD TO PAY OUR MORTGAGE. We have the VERIFIED income and these idiots are giving us a hard time. FANNIEMAE bought our house back in July. Our eviction court date is in a couple of weeks, but we are fighting back...and also plan on filing a lender complaint as well...

Anonymous Writes: (oct. 9, 2010)
OWB is scandalous. I choose to remain anonymous as i am still employed there. They have started this 'special project' which involves changing documents. They have their employees working day and night to cover up their fraud. Why would i commit a cry in order to cover what you did? I have yet to volunteer in the cover up. They have foreclosed on 1000's of homes that shouldnt have been taken to sale. I see it everyday. The FC dept and litigation depts do what they need to and dont care about the families they are hurting. its all about money! People are covering up to save their jobs,again its ALL illegal

Angela Writes: (oct. 12, 2010)
I have had a terrible time with trying to get my house loan modified.  My husband left and was not planning on paying anything further for the house.  I tried to modify the loan several times with the end result still being a house payment of $2000 per month.  The house was purchased at $250,000 and they say the balance is about $300,000 now.  When I finally decided that I couldn't keep the house as they were not going to modify the loan down, I started working on a short sale.  I contacted a local company that buys houses to prevent foreclosure and they submitted an offer.  Usually this process takes a while for the bank to review, so they asked for the foreclosure sale to be stopped while it was being reviewed.  The bank flat out denied their request and refused the offer they made.  I then started reading about why Indymac/One West Bank always forecloses.  I guess it is a way for them to make money by committing fraud.  I am very upset with the outcome of this and can not believe that the government hasn't stepped in yet on them.    Thank you for your time and I hope you have better luck in dealing with them if your ever in this type of situation. -- Angela

Laura Rodriguez Comments: (oct. 12, 2010)

After trying several times to get One West to give me a Loan Modification I was told that because of the contractual agreement that One West has with the Investors that own my loan (now George Soros and Michael Dell) they WILL NOT. This contractual agreement states that they do not participate in the HAMP program which I find odd considering that they are listed on the Making Homes Affordable list of program members list of servicers.

I am a single parent of an 8 year old boy and the only provider for my son and also for my 80 year old mother and due to the downfall in our current economy, I’ve been experiencing critical financial challenges, however I have been doing everything in my power to meet all of my financial responsibilities.   But here I am today losing my home because of the greed of Billionaires who would rather foreclose on my home and make a profit from their “Shared Loss Agreement” that they have in place with the FDIC.

Sadly there are so many stories like mine of people who are losing their homes because of the banks unwillingness to work with them. Many of these homeowners, including myself, are able and willing to pay their mortgage at a reduced rate and keep their home. However the banks are letting tens of thousands of homes foreclose without even giving the homeowner a chance to save it.

Mo Gould Writes: (oct. 18, 2010)
Given the run around with One West for almost a year.  Told we qualify, then 3 days before foreclosure date, told they do not participate in HAMP.  Only way to stop foreclosure was to file Chapter 13. I can pay my mortgage but they are unwilling to help.

Upton  Pearson Writes: (oct. 17, 2010)
I have a mortgage with IndyMac (a division of OneWest Bank.  I have been trying to get a modification for over a year.  I would like to join you, and would like any help you can provide.

Mary J Morton Writes:
i too have a mtg thur indy mac/one west bank ceo terrence p. laughlin.. i have been for 2 yrs trying to get my loan modification thur which was offered to me which included my mtg pmt taxes and house ins. but because my son was on the mtg they stated they needed his signature but was first told that i didnt need it because i was the primary on the mtg.. well 2 1/2 yrs ago my son abandoned me. i had no idea where he was have had no contact with him.. i hired a firm to help me then my own attorney and a bankrupcy attorney to stop my sherrif sale..  so how this bank found him and his address and my attorney also received and email or letter from the attorneys for the bank who is in philadelphia.. and again stated they just needed his signature on the papers for the loan modification to go thru well we got it on june 2010  and i received a letter from the bank stating due to foreclosure sale i was denied well this foreclosure sale was going on all along while trying to get the signature why did they wait to denie me after i spent all this money..  they lied to me. i feel ive been wronged

Tommi McCurry Writes: (oct. 24, 2010)
When I have put in request for loan modification to IndyMac in July 2010, sent in all my documents with the request. Representatives that I spoke with even stated how good it was that I sent in everything that they needed from the start. I even received letter's from IndyMac stating that my request had been excepted and they have all the documents that they need, nothing is missing. They informed me that I will have my answer in 30-60 days.ever since I have called and they need updated documents which I send constantly, they always confirm they have everything they need, they are verifying them. I sent in my bank statements for my account and my child support account weekly since IndyMac claims that they can't see my child support account after telling me they have it and nothing is missing. I know that bankers know how to understand bank statements. I got a contact number for IndyMac from HOPE to cut through all the red tape. I had been speaking to them for a week where they stated that they have all the required documents from me that they need. Then wed. 10-20-10 an agent informed me that I was denied for lack of sending in bank statements???? The agent was very nice even looked at the bank statements herself and confirmed that they have had my bank statements that they needed for weeks and that she was putting in an appeal/review but the process will not start until 30 days after the date of the request. I explained how I have received a letter of threat to foreclose, and how I have been sending in everything since July faithfully! How I have been trying my hardest to do everything possible in my power to get help! Still They cannot do anything until 30 days?? I have the letter where back in august they had all the documents required. They have made excuse after excuse not to help me, their own agents have even confirmed that I have done everything the way it's required and sent in all required documents. I am disabled with 6 children, two whom are disabled. My two oldest daughters 16 and 17 are even working to help and the bank won't. Is this fraud???? They also wouldn't tell me who owned my loan I had to fax in written request. I now know that Deutsche Bank owne my loan, do I need to contact them directly?

ANSWER: Deutsche Bank does not care one iota and good luck trying to get a hold of anyone there.

Real Estate Broker Comments
did you know one west bank took indymac, and a bunch of other failing banks, compliments of the federal government..the government is paying them to take the bankrupt banks with our taxpayer money
essentially, the government is using our money to take our houses and throw us out on our asses!!!
just an observation by a real estate broker

Disabled Abuse Comments
I was helping my mother stay in her home she is wheel chair bound and severly disablied. I asked to take over and got the paper work run around. A few bad attornies and she is to be out of the house Tueday 8/24. She has now were to go and I can't get her out in time. When they come to do the lock out they will have to carry her out of the bed and place her on the street. I have no place because I gave up mine to help her. They don't care. I have attempt all kinds of ways around it but they have illeally forclosed on us. -- H. Connelly


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