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This Site Highlights the Massive Fraud and Abuses Perpetrated Against the American Public by the Banking and Financial Industries Which CAUSED the Mortgage and Foreclosure Crisis.

Their Actions Were Enabled by Equal Amounts of Fraud and Negligence Within the Federal Government.  Both Congress and the White House Knew What Was Happening and DID NOTHING! 

ALL the big banks are in on it.  Here, we just happen to focus on OneWest Bank (formerly IndyMac - which by the way is still in business as IndyMac Mortgage Services, Inc. as it advertises itself as "a division of OneWest Bank) and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company is their cousin in crime.

We do not have the resources to help individuals, but please feel free to SUBMIT YOUR OWN STORIES AND COMMENTS VIA OUR CONTACT Button and we will post them on our Consumer Complaints page.

At this point we are urging all readers to BOMBARD their state's Attorney General's office with complaints.  Take the time to draft a letter and mail it via regular mail.  It's too easy for them to just delete an email. Pick up the phone and call your local representatives and give them a piece of your mind.  Let it rip.  It's too late for nice talk and begging.  Most people won't want to do these things; but writing to your bank is useless.  They're laughing their asses off at everyone who has suffered at their hands.  They don't care.  It's not in their best interest to care; they only care about the money generated to or from their big investors .. the very same ones who bought your home in the first place.  The mortgage foreclosure crisis is a scam and there are many guilty parties.  The big banks will not refinance because they are making fortunes from all the fees added up from the long foreclosure process.  Contact your state's Attorney General's office NOW.  It's the only hope anyone has.  This must be a grassroots effort to stop the crooks from stealing your home.

IMPORTANT READING: Anatomy of a Government Abetted Fraud - why IndyMac always Forecloses.

The NY Times did a very complete story on July 29, 2009, about the banks making big money on foreclosures, including garnering a slew of late fees and many more fees. They are draining the homeowners for all they have and then selling their homes and charging past late fees on the sale price. It's shocking -- like an organized crime business model CONDONED and encouraged by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!   Our leaders in Congress are inept and/or complicit. 

Read more about Banking Industry Fraud so you can understan
d how OneWest Bank and all the others are manipulating and lying to you.

Highlighted Articles for Your Information:

Deutsche Bank and Field Asset Services, Inc.:  BEWARE!


OneWest Bank/IndyMac - Family Confronts The 800-Pound Gorilla

Nationstar & Field Asset Services - another illegal foreclosure attempt and breaking and entering story


Highlighted Comments From Readers:

Barney Frank, head of the Senate Finance Committe was sleeping with the head of FannieMae/FreddyMac -- no wonder there is no proper government oversight.  They're too busy screwing around at our expense.  What a scam, indeed.


Not a single person in our government cares about the illegal doings of big banking.  They're all in on it, taking bribes or owning stock in the companies that are screwing everyone over! -- KS


"Thank you for posting this information on your website.  Maybe some of these kinds of horror stories will reach the ears of Washington, although I am sorry to say, I really don't think anyone really cares.  Such bank abuses have been going on a long time.  This is the first case I've heard about that involved physical threats, abuse, attempted robbery, though.  I've had dealings with Onewest Bank for mortgages, and I can tell you they are disreputable.  My mortgage modification seems to be in eternal limbo and I'm positive that no matter what I try to do, I will soon be out in the street.  Obama's decree is just another sham." -- ML


"We have been trying to modify a loan for over 4 months with OneWest bank (Indymac).  First we get the papers saying this will be your payment, then we get a paper saying the other papers have all expired, so send in new ones. Then we get a another modification package saying everything is under review. One Customer Service rep says one thing, then the other one says something completely different.  Either these people just don't know what they're doing, or else the whole thing is a big cover-up.  This stimulus was supposed to help those who need the help to stay in their home."


"My husband and I have an Indymac (now OneWest) mortgage loan ($500,000). Got our loan from Quicken in 2007- interest only @ 5.75% . At the time I was working, but after our 3rd baby in ‘07 I lost my job/income. So, now we are struggling and I am trying to get a modification with the worst bank in the world-INDYMAC! My husband started his own business on the side to make some additional income- but it’s slow. Anyway, I call Indymac all the time… same story “in review, call back in a week.” We were told our modification package was received May 17, put into the system, June 17, then later told it was put in June 26, now the 50th person we spoke to last week said we may hear something by August 26th."

In 2011 - the CITY OF LOS ANGELES SUED DEUTSCHE BANK for its neglect -- calling the bank the city's worst SLUMLORD.


By Chad Bray

NEW YORK—Deutsche Bank AG agreed Tuesday to pay $553.6 million and admitted criminal wrongdoing to settle a long-running probe over fraudulent tax shelters that allowed clients to avoid paying billions of dollars in U.S. taxes.

Under a nonprosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan and the Internal Revenue Service, the German bank won't be prosecuted for its participation in about 15 tax shelters involving more than 2,100 customers between 1996 and 2002, including shelters marketed by accounting firm KPMG LLP and defunct law firm Jenkens & Gilchrist PC.  (You read that correctly: In court papers, the Department of Justice agreed not to criminally prosecute Deutsche Bank for any crimes related to its participation in a broad conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service!  Can you imagine what would have happened if it were you or I involved in such criminal wrongdoing?) Read more of the WSJ article at

Banks Are the Largest Post-Foreclosure Landlords

In 2010, financial institutions acquired 142,305 foreclosed properties, while private investors acquired 38,359 foreclosed properties, resulting in a 79%-21% split. The financial institutions acquiring large numbers of foreclosed properties include Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, California Housing Financial Agency, Wells Fargo Bank, Aurora Loan Services, IndyMac, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, OneWest, HSBC, US Bank, and Deutsche Bank.

Hiding behind their FORECLOSURE/EVICTION Law Firms:
Research indicates that a small number of eviction lawyers handle the majority of bank evictions. These include the Endres Law Firm (Davis); Pite Duncan (San Diego); Randall Naiman Law Offices (San Diego); Jackson & Associates (Irvine); McCarthy & Holthus (San Diego); the Law Offices of Les Zieve (Huntington Beach); and Ruzicka & Wallace (Irvine), among others.

& Fraud Enablers
Steven T. Mnuchin - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Fraudster

Mr. Joseph M. Otting
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Anderson Caballero
Executive Vice President and Head of Retail Banking

Mr. Grant K. Ahearn
Executive Vice President and Head of Financial Services Group

Kris A. Gagnon
Chief Credit Officer

Mr. Scott Scheeringa
Head of Commercial Banking


Karen Russell Lindsey
Executive Assistant to CEO at OneWest Bank

C-Level Business Contacts - all Pasadena, CA: Bank Fraud Enablers

Tully, Matt - Chief Marketing Officer
Rice, Bonnie - Board President
Loeb, David - Chairman
Walker, Raedelle - CFO of Strategic Assets
Benedetti, Alpino - CFO-Financial Freedom
Barnes, Joe - COO of Consumer Banking
Barber, William - Executive V.P. and Chief People Officer
Abernathy, S. - Executive V.P. and Chief Investment Officer
Martinez, Melissa - Executive V.P. and Chief Risk Officer
Thompson, Stephen -  Executive V.P. and Chief Financial Officer
Wohl, Richard - President and Director IndyMac Bank
Clarke, Gary - Executive V.P. and Chief Information Officer

© 2009-2015 OneWest Bank

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